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BS-N Brake Switch "Nut"

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The brake switch, also known as the stop light switch, is an essential component of a car's braking system. It is typically located near the brake pedal and is activated when the driver presses the brake pedal.

The brake switch works by sending an electrical signal to the car's brake lights when the brake pedal is pressed. This signal activates the brake lights, which alert drivers behind the car that the car is slowing down or stopping.

In addition to activating the brake lights, the brake switch also sends a signal to the car's engine control module (ECM) to disengage the cruise control system. This is an important safety feature that helps to prevent the car from accelerating unintentionally when the driver is braking.

If the brake switch fails, the brake lights may not function properly or may not turn on at all, which can create a dangerous situation on the road. Additionally, the cruise control system may not disengage when the brake pedal is pressed, which can also be dangerous.

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